six in the city

Life in the 'hood with a husband, two kids, and two dogs

Joan Long /

Joan lives and works in western Massachusetts at her virtual assistant business, Essential Office Services. She’s written previously for Healthcare Ledger and Agawam Advertiser. Her first reading material was a motorcycle magazine at age three which may have had some influence on her need to continue to read and write about the real people of the world and the fascinating, silly, smart, and stupid things they do. Her teenaged daughter claims that Joan “invented sarcasm”, but there’s no proof. She spends her time watching her beloved Bruins hockey with her husband, two girls, and two shar-pei, and decided to take up running in her 40s to have something funny to write about. She invites you to connect–maybe she’ll tell your story. You should contact her, so she’ll stop writing silly things.


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